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'We are all Aboriginal just doing it differently'

Wisdom of:  Barbara Bynder

About Karda


Karda is the Noongar word for goanna. 

Noongar people live in the south west corner of Western Australia.  

Barbara is a Ballardong Noongar yorga (woman) from the Eastern wheat belt in Western Australia and is connected to Whadjuk (Swan River) Noongar people following her maternal grandfather's lineage and has linkages with Badimia Yamitji people following her paternal lineage. 

Badimia country is located in the Gascoyne Murchison area of Western Australia and sits north east of the city of Perth.


Barbara is an Indigenous artist whose artwork is contemporary and alive with rich and diverse themes that are representative of today's Aboriginal  lifestyle whilst acknowledging the culture and heritage of her people. Barbara's paintings express emotive representations of every day life.

Philosophy of defining Aboriginal Art: 

When something is part of the whole yet separate, draw a pattern around both, eventually they will connect and become one therefore being whole.

By Barbara Bynder


Barbara Bynder - Artist

  • BA Arts
  • HDR Anthropology
  • Phd Candidate

Barbara is passionate about educating  the wider community to the richness and diversity of contemporary Aboriginal people using the universal living language of art.

What Karda Offers You



Karda offers a unique way of understanding contemporary Aboriginal culture and people in the following way:

  • Commission Art works for your home or office
  • Understand Aboriginal culture workshops using art as the communication tool
  • Community canvas workshops for team building and leadership for your staff
  • Murals painted in collaboration with you
  • Lectures tailored to suit your needs
  • Mentoring for non-Aboriginal people working with Aboriginal people
  • Mentoring in the arts for Aboriginal people
  • Public community art programs for events, schools and universities

Freedom to Fly

FDV Artwork - Department of Consumer Protection

Galbammindji Mural

Check out this great video that Barbara created in collaboration with the year 11 & 12 students from Scotch College, in Perth, Western Australia.

 Galbammindji is the Noongar name for Lake Claremont. The mural tells the story of the lake and its connections with the past whilst acknowledging how the lake is being used today. 

Websites Promoting Karda Artwork

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Feel free to call Barb to discuss what it is you are looking for in a unique contemporary Aboriginal art work. 


Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

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